Review Policy

Review Policy (as of October 24, 2011):

Thank you for considering Tales from the Crypt to review your book(s).  I really appreciate the opportunity.  Also, thank you for stopping by my blog in the first place. 🙂


Here on Tales from the Crypt I am very selective about the genre’s I will accept for review.  My main genre is Paranormal with several “sub genre’s” included.  So books in ONLY the following genre’s will be considered:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Paranormal Erotica
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult Paranormal
  • Dystopian


  • Bound Books
  • ARC’s/Galleys
  • E-Books (.pdf and .epub formats only)

At this time I DO NOT accept self-published novels.  I do accept Independently Published novels but I will be very selective.


I am also interested in posting Press Releases on the blog if they are about a book(s) in any of the genre’s that I review.  These Press Releases will be listed under my “News from the Crypt” posts.

I am also willing to host giveaways for books in the genre’s that I review.  I DO NOT need to read and review your book(s) in order for the giveaway to take place.

I am also open to guest posts, author interviews, blog tours, etc.

I also have a Wishlist page as well as a Wishlist shelf on Goodreads.  If your book(s) is on either of these list’s there is a great chance that I will jump at the chance to read and review your book(s).

Where will my reviews be posted?

In addition to the blog, I post my reviews on mainly. NOTE: If you would like my review of your book to be posted anywhere else please include this information in your review request.

What additional information do I include in my reviews?

  • Book Cover
  • Synopsis
  • Author web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.)
  • A link to purchase book on, Barnes and and
  • Rating
  • The Actual review 
  • Book Trailer – if it is available

Will I review every book that I receive for review?

If I am able to read the book in its entirety it will be reviewed.  If I am unable to finish a book or I’m not able to get far enough into a book to feel comfortable writing a review, it will not be reviewed.

Can I promise a date a review will be posted by?

At this time I can honestly say no.  Unless there is a date made in the initial review request.  ARC’s – I promise to do my best to get the book read and review posted before or within 3 days of the books release.



Please feel free to email me at (My REAL name is Jamie, please include it in your review request) with the following information in your request:

~ In the subject line please put “Tales from the Crypt – Submitting Book for Review – Title”
The Book’s Title
~ Format (paperback, hardcover, ARC, Galley, E-book)
~ Synopsis
~ Genre
~ Release Information
~ If you are interested in doing a guest post, author interview, giveaway or other type of promotion.
~ Any specific place you want the review posted other than on Goodreads.
~ Author’s web presence
~ Link to book trailer – if available

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